New to the Life in the Lost and Found Bin? Check out some of these. They are some of my most popular posts.
Emerging Adulthood Series
Life Stage Emerging Adult
The transition between college and adulthood is rough. Plain and simple.
Everything I know about Dating at 22
I don't know a lot, but I know I want more.
When will I stop Waiting for my life to start?
Has it started yet?
The Sky's the Limit -- and other lies from my childhood
You can do whatever you want -- within reason.

My little sister is much younger than me, and I wish I could protect her forever. 
For when you just can't do school anymore.
Breakups are never easy. I feel your pain. And so does Jessica Day.
I love summer! Check out some of my favorite things about summer nights.
Plugged In, Tuned Out
Making personal connections in a digital age
There's a lot I would say if I could go back.
Love: The atmosphere. Hate: How many other people love the atmosphere
So many people have asked if I am aware my name is almost Taylor Swift. 
Here's how I feel about it.  

Girls often have high expectations of college guys. What are they really like?
There is so much you learn outside of the classroom.
It's time to start going after your dreams!
A post about what I learned from my first semester of college. 
How to know when it's time to quit!
Related to "College Guys: Expectation VS Reality." Once you find a girl finds a guy she likes, she can act kind of funny, too.
What should you know before you go to college? 

It has become painfully obvious that I am different than the rest of my friends. 
Which filter do I use??
I need to stop pinning so many desserts. 
Social media is so important for bloggers.
Be intentional with your blogging. 

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