Hey! I'm Taylor. This is my blog, where I try to convince people to follow their passions.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a news producer in Southwest Florida.

Writing has always been my #1 passion. It's easy for me to lose track of time when I'm writing about my favorite topics. So I figure since I am writing so often, why don't I share some of the things I write about.

One of my favorite things that a former professor told our class was that we should "maximize the time doing what we love, and minimize the time spent doing all the rest." My goal is to encourage my readers to do this. I want people who read my blog to believe in themselves just as much as I believe in them. Because even if I don't know you, I know you are capable of more than you think. You can change the world! All alone, you can make a difference. And I want you to know that and believe it more than anything you have every believed in your life. 

Creatives Who Inspire Me:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my hero. I LOVE his online production company hitRECord. And I think he is pretty much one of the coolest people ever. On the same note, 500 Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies, as is Inception. Mat Kearney and Sara Barielles are my all time favorite singers, and if I quit school to be a groupie, I would follow Walk the Moon around the country, because I could listen to them every night. They are a phenomenal concert.


What do you blog about?
This is a lifestyle blog--which means I have the flexibility to blog about pretty much whatever I want. However, this means I am not your typical DIY, Momma, or Food blogger. If I use the term DIY, I'm usually referring to my response when my brother asks me to do something for him. I won't be a momma for a very long time. And I love food, but I am more likely to Pin a recipe than write about it.

So what do you blog about? 
I write about the transition into adulthood. I write about writing. I write about things that are going on in my life or things that other people might find relevant.  Some of my favorite posts to write have been, "Will the Real Taylor Swift Please Stand Up?", "College Guys: Expectations VS Reality", and "7 Reasons Summer Nights Are the Best."



  1. Hi Taylor,

    Just found your blog through HCBN and I'm such a fan already! As a fellow Taylor, I had to laugh at your Taylor Swift post...it's bad enough having just the first name Taylor, I can't imagine almost having the last name too. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. Thanks, Taylor! I always enjoy meeting other Taylors. I am so glad you liked my TSwift post. Thanks for reading :) I will definitely check out your blog!

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